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User access management


A good governance or user role assignment means, that a user can determine easily the needed role and get authorization to determined role, if and only if, it is needed for the position which a person is assigned to and in case the request role would lead to any risk or SoD-conflict, then the risk owner approval is provided and a mitigating process controls is placed before the role is assigned to the user.

Do the end users struggle to determine the needed role? Do you simulate potential SoD-Conflicts before assigning the roles to a user? If yes, do you get the approval from the risk owner? And do you place a mitigating process control in advance to check the potential faulty transaction executed after the role assignment and do the process control avoids “false positive”?

Conteliga provides out-of-box process and functionality which check automatically SoD-conflict across different platforms (SAP, non-SAP and legacy System) and informs automatically with a suggestion of mitigating process control to a risk owner in case of a SoD-conflict. The whole IT- process e.g. analysis and simulating

SoD-conflicts, determining the process controls is 100% automated and the business can handle the process themselves. The possibility of automatic approval for the set of roles and user (internal, external, mangers) combination in case on no

SoD-conflicts further reduces the time consumed by the business, which leads to the process time in 90% of role assignment request in zero time, as 90% of role requests are without any SoD-conflicts. This increases user satisfaction and business efficency.


Is there any approval process before roles are assigned ?
Is there any automated SoD/Risk simulation before roles are assigned to users ?
Are the process/mitigation controls are placed in advanced, before the risk assignment is done ?
Do you want to automate the process and do not want to have expensive IT-Consultants handling these user access management tasks ?
Do you have audit trail for the user access request ?
Do you want to be ready for audit in zero time ?


Conteliga automated workflow solution with integrated SoD simulation can reduces the process time to nearly zero in more then 80% of cases in just 6 weeks, without negative impact on business efficency