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Understanding company tasks


Understanding the tasks within the organization helps governance to define and improve the risk and SoD rule set. It is clear that the different governance and risk prevention and mitigation strategies are needed for an organization where a complete sales cycle is done via a single person e.g. cashier at a retail shop, then the organization which needs months / years to offer a quote e.g. building a ship.

In order to govern one needs to understand which tasks e.g. sales order processing, sales return processing, production, etc. are executed within the organization. Do the different organization execute the tasks in a same way using the same set of transactions or do they execute in different way? Do the job holder e.g sales manager execute the same or different set of tasks in different organization area e.g. Asia, Europe or America.

With the help of Conteliga tracking functionality and out-of-box Conteliga task repository a complete task catalogue for your organization can be built within few months.


What kinds of tasks are executed in the company?
Is there a catalogue of tasks done in a company?
Are the tasks executed in same way or differently in different organization of the companies ?
Are the job holders do different tasks in different organization?