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Sod Analyse and Simulation


Within the organization a process is executed not only in one system but may go across systems. It may involve different ERP system, different database systems and even homemade legacy systems. E.g. Purchasing basket approval in a legacy system and resulting PO in ERP and vendor master data management may be in legacy system. A person who can change vendor master data and approve PO has SoD conflicts. You need to analyze and simulate the SoD across application and systems.

Conteliga has the capabilities to analyze and simulate SoD rule set on role and on user level. This analysis and simulation can be executed across system and application platforms and can consider the SAP, non-Sap and legacy systems.

Moreover, SoD analysis and simulation is done automatically in case of SoD review process and user provisioning process, so that no IT-consultant resources are needed during the review and user role assignment process. Conteliga also provides the mitigating process controls for a SoD Conflict and also suggest how to fix the SoD-conflict in case of a SoD review process


Do you have Sod analysis and simulation report?
Can you simulate the impact of changing of role or user role assignment in advance?
Do you have a reporting to track the changes?
Do you maintain the approved exceptions of SoD conflicts?
Do you have a review process for these approved exceptions?


Conteliga automated workflow solution can implement it within 1-2 months.