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Roles according to the tasks in company


Building the role and authorization concept based on the tasks reflects the organizational structure and enables easy communication among business and IT. The roles can be built without SoD conflicts and non-used roles are avoided. The maintenance of the tasks, and role is straight forward when a (set of) transaction is added to a task.

Conteliga role generator generates the single parent, derived and composite roles according to the task repository and reduces the expensive IT-consultant cost extremely. The generation of the roles with the SoD-conflicts are also prevented. Moreover, it provides the functionality to detect non-used transactions and roles.


Does the roles reflects the tasks of a company?
Is role maintenance easy if new customized transactions are added to a task ?
Does role reflects the different ways of doing the tasks in different organization ?
Does the role contains any transactions, which are not used ?
Are there any roles, which are not used ?


Conteliga automated solution can help you to fix these issues within 4-6 months.