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Role management


A good governance of role management means ensuring the documentation and quality of the roles i.e. building SoD conflict free roles which reflects the company tasks and job positions, naming them according to the content to ensure easy communication among business and IT, tracking role changes and adjusting them according to changes needed.

Conteliga offers out-of-box functionality to produce automatically audit documentation of any role,detect and inform automatically SoD conflicts in roles, non-used roles, non-used transactions in role, any naming conventions or quality violation, so that zero man power is used to detect these issue and the IT manpower is used to fix these issues instead of investing huge time in detecting


Are the roles without SoD conflicts ?
Are the roles documented and ready for audit in zero time ?
Is it easily find the needed roles ?

Conteliga offers regeneration considering the quality and naming standard for acomplete set of roles or a set of role generation/splitting which causes SoD-Conflicts.

Moreover, Conteliga can detect SoD conflicts and quality issues of roles in development system during the transport, so that the issues are addressed before being transported to production system and thus prevents unnecessary potential harm and alerts.


Conteliga automated solution can help you to fix these issues within 4-6 months.