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Review process


One of the governance policies is to review the policy and the execution, so that the potential improvements can be determined. Moreover, it makes sure, that the current state is good.

Conteliga offers a wide range of review processes e.g. role review, user role assignment review, GC- IT checks review, SoD-conflicts review, risk policy review and SoD and risk exception review. These review processes not only inform the owners automatically, but also suggests the way to prevent the risks and SoD-Conflicts in future. Moreover, role and role user assignment review also specify, if the role and role user assignment is used or not.


Do you have review process to ensure the correctness of the roles ?
Are the roles assigned to the correct users?
Do you have SoD Review suggesting how to fix the SoD issue?


Conteliga automated workflow solution can implement the review process within a month.