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Monitoring the rule sets and exception


Defining the rule set and execution of rule sets leads to a number of conflicts. Resolving these conflicts needs to be prioritize and some times there are “allowed exceptions” i.e. risk owners agree to this conflict for a time interval. These conflicts and “allowed exceptions” needs to be notified to risk owner and control exceptions according and should also be displayed in dashboard accordingly.

Any conflicts resulting out of it must be mitigated and documented properly.

Conteliga offers out-of-box 100% automated the complete process of determination of the conflicts, notification of the conflicts, mitigating process controls and continuous monitoring and automated informing the owner in case of conflicts avoiding the “false positives”


Do you have a list of approved exceptions?
Does system automatically recognize an exception and reports it to the respective owner?
Are the steps for the handling of the exception automatically recorded?
Does the audit report can be created automatically in zero time for the exception?