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License Optimizer


There are different models of the license. One of them is user dependent. In order to save on the user dependent licenses, a proper license type needs to be assigned to the user according to the usage of the user. One should not pay for dormant and duplicate users. These needs to be defined accordingly to save the licenses.

Conteliga offers a complete set of functionality for determining the user type according to the usage, assigning them accordingly in the system, declaring the duplicate users to avoid double count of the users, eliminating the dormant users. Moreover, Conteliga can deliver the data, so that a new user type can be negotiated, thus further reducing the license cost.

The complete automated process of the user type determination and assignment further reduces the license measurement process cost and time extreamly.


Are you paying heavy license fee (SAP professional for manager who use to execute a report just once in a month) ?
Do you want to pay SAP license according to the real usage ?
Do you want to automate license measurement process and reduce the process cost & time ?