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Emergency access management


Time to time one need to open the system for support, maintenance or emergency for internal or external users. A good governance policy must open the system in a way, that the extended authorization matches the request and there is a complete trace of the tasks executed by the user.

Do you assign nearly SAP_ALL in case of emergency access to all request? Do you grant the permanent access to the support and maintenance team in order to avoid the emergency access request? Do you ask the requestor for the documentation after the access revoked? Do the people have to wait and thus stop the operation because of missing emergency authorization?

With Conteliga role on demand one can match the organizational support and maintenance structure of your organization so that only those roles, which matches the organizational structure of the requestor are assigned to the requestor in case of emergency. The roles are assigned to the requestor, so that all the executed activities are tracked with the requestor name and not with the generic rotatory user like firefighter.

The Conteliga system automatically assign and removes the authorization, collects and evaluate the logs automatically. It creates automatically a complete documentation of the tasks executed by the requestor and evaluates it with the traffic lights so that any potential risk can be made transparent. In addition to it the automatic approval policy can be defined for the combination of user and roles, so that the users do not have to wait in case of emergency.


Do you want to monitor and control, what externals are doing in your system ?
Do you want to access the transaction in zero time in case of emergency, without overhead e.g. reseting Passwort,...
Do you ask users after the emergency access what they have done, instead of having the report by the system automatically ?
Do you invest expensive IT-Consultants instead of an automatic process ?


Conteliga automated workflow solution with integrated analysis can implement the emergency access management within a month.