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Eliminating risks


Conteliga offers a complete set of functionality, which automatically detects risks and suggests ways to eliminate risk at system, authorization and process level. With the help of a risk based framework we automatically detect GC-IT, SoD and process control exceptions, which are leading to risk and control exceptions, whilst currently not leading to a risk, these exceptions may lead to risk in future. Conteliga , through our workflow engine , informs the control owner automatically through our ticketing system and escalates it automatically, if the issue is not fixed within the predefined time.
At a process level Conteliga provides a complete set of detecting and alerting functionalities to capture  events, which may lead to the risk. Conteliga also provides the risk preventing process controls ensuring end to end process controls.
Thanks to Conteliga automatic trace analysis, Conteliga detects if the transactions roles, which are responsible for the SoD conflict are used or not. Removing such transactions and roles or splitting the roles into multiple SoD conflict free roles eliminates the risk at authorization level.
Conteliga analyses the master data changes, transaction execution and reports automatically real risks and SoD conflict on the content level ( e.g. change of vendor master data and purchase order of the same vendor  by a user in past e.g. 6 months or e.g. if the purchasing price of purchase oder is increased by a user). This is based on the real execution and thus Conteliga avoids “false positive” alerts to control performer and reports real risk and SoD conflicts.
Conteliga user role review and Conteliga SoD conflict review suggest the way to eliminate the SoD conflictm before they happen. Conteliga automatically analysis the user behavior and suggest either removal of the role or usage of Conteliga role on demand or process control intelligent compliance at its best .


Do you have an integrated approach to avoid and eliminate the risks?
Do you have a framework suggesting the ways to eliminate the risks?
Do you have framework, which automatically analysis the master data changes, transaction executed automatically and reports real risks and SoD-conflicts on content level ( e.g. vendor change and purchase order change of same vendor by a user and send alerts avoiding "false positives".)
Is there any automated report with valuable data supporting the ways of eliminating a risk ?
Do you maintain the approved exceptions of risk conflicts?
Do you have a review process for these approved exceptions?


Conteliga automated workflow solution can implement the risk handling within 2-4 months.