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Reduced Total Cost of Ownership and have ROI within a year & Saved user operational cost by more than 80%. Implementation in all six companies within 3 months,Increased business satisfaction, Governance & risk mitigation without any negative impact on business efficiency
Mr. Martin Spiegler

IT Manager Berghof Group

Conteliga was a fantastic result for us . We now have a highly efficient role assignment and SOD process with little to no IT involvement. Audit are happy too with no compliance issues . mitigation processes in place and the real time documentation means we are ready for an audit at any time. Implementation was done within 4 weeks , an excellent result . Conteliga is truly our GRC partner , highly recommended !
Mr. Peter Hinchliffe
Mr. Peter Hinchliffe

SAP Delivery Manager City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (A Government Body)

Prior to implementing Conteliga we were experiencing difficulties in moving from a project mindset with SAP_ALL access to our user community to a steady state operational model. Conteliga in a simple but with their highly effective framework and solution allowed us to move to a compliant model with no business impact , self service user requests , real time documentation in 90 subsidiaries , 41 countries in less than 2 months . Thanks guys !
Mr. Wim Hofmans
Mr. Wim Hofmans

2nd Line Support Manager Manasco N.V. Belgium (An Etex group Company)

Before using Conteliga using Conteliga's Licence Optimiser we struggled to match our real usage against our commercially agreed licence contract . Conteliga was able to review our actual usage against our specific model, and suggest us 30% immediately of our annual costs as well as the ongoing annual maintenance fees , and automatically reallocate the correct licence type where neccessary for all users. It also provided us with the information to conduct our annual licence negotiations with factual data for potential reimbursements across the Group , a great outcome !
Mr. Eric Refine
Mr. Eric Refine

ERP Manager, Network & IT Orange Communication SA

“By implementing Conteliga –SoD/UP/RoD/Proc ess controls IT Services has reduced effort on GRC by more then 70%. It has also improved the service provided to business users, internal controller and auditors.”
Mr. Laurent Mathevon
Mr. Laurent Mathevon

Mr. Laurent Mathevon, SAP Security Manager

No more "SAP_ALL" access, No requirement of IT consultants in operation, No headaches and no stress because of GRC issues
Mr. Gunnar Neumann

Security consultant Berghof Group

Complete GRC solution

We offer a complete Risk Management and Compliance Solution on how to design and manage authorisations , compliant SOD , automated user provisioning , emergency firefighter access , full process controls including both business and IT .

Our unique design and approach allows organisation to substantially reduce both implementation and maintenance costs , whilst delivering an agile Compliance solution .

Moreover we reduce the process & IT cost and time , via 100% IT request automation,  and enable the business to manage many of the operational tasks themselves, thus enabling compliance without any negative effect on business efficiency and process time.


  • Unique approach provides flexibility and compliance at all time.
  • Real time audit readiness with anytime documentation and controls.
  • Inbuilt workflow and incident management tools for proactive compliance
  • Future proof for the new SAP Digital core – S4 Hana ready with inbuilt Fiori apps.
  • High degree of automation , freeing up business and IT from time consuming tasks.
  • Run a free trial, carry out a full product review with your data with no commitment.
  • Full costs transparency, our fixed time/fixed price model gives you complete peace of mind.

Conteliga – GRC key benefits

  • A complete fully automated risk-based GRC solution with a workflow full filling all your GRC requirements
  • Conteliga automatically suggests how to eliminate the SoD risk
  • Increased user satisfaction and efficiency via reducing process time without negative effect on business efficiency
  • No expensive IT consultants needed, as the IT processes are fully automated
  • Cost efficient solution. A free of cost installation and trial. Be satisfied with the solution before you pay it
  • Get the suggestions how to eliminate the SoD risk automatically from Conteliga system e.g. during the risk review process
GRC product


Reporting & Dashboard


Conteliga offers a complete GRC solution for authorization, compliance SoD, automated user provisioning, firefighter and process controls

Preventive compliance with integrated risk assessment like SoD simulation
Reduced costs due to process automation
Auditable tracking of all access requests and access provisioning
Real-time risk reduction with SoD analysis by demand and automated monitoring of critical transactions
Increase compliance with ‘superusers’ to troubleshoot with minimize risk
Reduce audit time with detailed logs providing activity tracking
Increase emergency response times by providing IT / support with controlled access
No additional costs for Hardware or Administration
No additional costs for Maintenance or Operation
Easy User Training / User Acceptance (SAP GUI)
Simplify administration and strengthen security with compliant enterprise roles
Audit readiness with documented change history
Support of individual naming conventions
Preventive compliance with integrated risk assessment like SoD simulation

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